Mag Spark


Mag Spark is a "209 Shot Shell Primer Adapter" for all side-hammer muzzleloading rifles. It uses a standard 209 shot shell(shotgun) primer or the Vari-Flame rifle primer. This produces a more consistent and hotter ignition than the #11 caps or muskett caps. Mag Spark gives your side-hammer muzzleload rifle the instant and consistent powder ignition just like the modern in-line muzzleloading rifles.


Kahnke Blackpowder Carbine Rifle


Please see for a much clearer picture. Kahnke gunworks has been producing this inline muzzleload carbine since 1982. The Kahnke carbine is manufactured with 3 inter-changeable fast twist barrels;50 cal, 45 cal and 36 cal. Accuracy with this carbine ranks at the top with easily attainable 2 inch groups or less at 100 yards.


Kahnke Blackpowder Pistol



Please see for a much clearer picture. Kahnke gunworks has been producing this inline muzzleload pistol since 1982. The Kahnke Muzzleload Pistol is manufactured with a interchangeable 12 or 14 inch fast twist barrel ranging in calibers of 50, 45 and special order 36. The Kahnke 50 cal. handgun is the most powerful and accurate muzzleload pistol I have ever fired. I do not consider my self an expert pistol shooter by any way, shape or form. The Kahnke Muzzleload Pistol will produce 3 inch groups at 100 yards using 70-90 grains of granular muzzleload pistol powder with MMP Sabots and pistol bullets. Velocities produced from these loads match those of the center fire 44 Magnum. I always use a two hand grip and try to use some type of rest when hunting or shooting this pistol. I have been using the Kahnke Muzzleload Pistol as my primary muzzleloader for deer hunting now for about 18 years. I also take the Kahnke Carbine with me for my fast second shot IF needed. The Kahnke pistol I hunt with has the 14 inch 50 cal. barrel topped with a 2X Leupold Handgun scope. Shooting this pistol at 50 yards is childs play. This is definately a 100 yard muzzleload pistol. Once again, this is a very accurate and powerful muzzleload handgun. For all you muzzleload shooters who are saying to yourself--- what's next for the sport of muzzleloading? Well, I'll tell you. The Kahnke Muzzleload Pistol is what's next.